Terms Of Service  April 2022

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These terms of service apply to all items purchased from Kiteerey Creations, by commissioning me you agree to my terms of service so please read them carefully! I reserve the right to refuse any commission for any reason. You must be at least 18 years old to commission Kiteerey Creations.


Allergy Warning


  • I do have pet rats and a dog, I try and keep my animals away from my items but just keep in mind that my rats are in my work room and they do touch myself and my clothes

  • Any allergies need to be disclosed to me before the down payment takes place so we may discuss whether or not the commission will work for you

  • I work in a non-smoking environment but I do use scented candles so let me know if you have any allergies to those as well!


Things to do before commissioning me:


  • Please be sure to completely read through my terms of service before commissioning me

  • Take a look at my Trello to make sure you’re ok with my waitlist! 

  • Be sure you have the available funds for your commission and you aren’t inconveniencing yourself! Fursuits are a luxury item not a necessity

  • Have your reference sheet ready 

  • If you have certain furs/supplies you want me to use please be sure you let me know in advance and have your links/screenshots ready

  • Be prepared to send a reference sheet through email upon commission, this makes it easy for me to keep in contact with you and keep track of things! 

  • Please double check your fur colors if you have them already, I am not responsible if you send me the wrong fur name/color 

  • If I have already purchased supplies and the commissioner changes the design/colors they will be responsible for the cost of the new supplies


Shipping Policies:


  • Quoted price does not include shipping unless stated otherwise

  • I currently ship from the US

  • Customer is responsible for all shipping costs, if the shipping goes over the quoted price I reserve the right to ask the customer to cover it

  • Once your item has been completed I will ask for your shipping costs separately, please be sure to send shipping via friends and family unless you calculate it to cover the taxes

  • All products are sent via USPS 

  • I will ship International, the customer is responsible for all shipping and customs costs, I will not falsify customs information

  • I am not responsible for any damage that occurs once the package leaves my hands

  • A tracking number will be provided once your item has been shipped

  • Your address must be set up properly and double checked, I am not responsible for being given the wrong address

  • I will not ship your item before shipping has been paid




  • I do my best to respond promptly, it usually takes me no longer than 24 hours to respond under normal circumstances

  • I can be contacted through my website as well as via email at Kiteereycreates@gmail.com or on my instagram @kiteereycreations 

  • If I contact you after your commission has started and I do not hear back from you in 30 days your commission will be surrendered to me and no refunds will be issued

  • Quotes are only valid for 2 weeks

  •  30% non refundable deposit must be paid within a specific time to guarantee your quote and a spot in the current queue 


Completion Dates:


  • Date of completion is subject to change, customers cannot change completion date 

  • I do not work on deadlines as my personal life is subject to affect my work schedule

  • I cannot guarantee any products will be finished by a certain date 

  • If I'm able to rush a product a rush fee may be added

  • Product completion times may change if something happens such as me becoming ill or my machine not working, etc. I will keep my commissioners informed if there are any delays

  • My Trello is a good way to keep track of where your commission is on my queue

  • My current wait time is around 2-4 months once you’ve paid off your commission and have been added to the “waitlist queue” 




  • Progress pictures will be shared at my discretion

  • Most of my projects are started and finished fairly quickly so very few progress photos are sent 




  • I currently accept payments through Paypal, Venmo, and Cash App although Paypal is preferred 

  • A 30% (non-refundable) deposit is required for me to reserve a slot in my queue 

  • I do not offer refunds of any kind, any payments made to me are NON-REFUNDABLE

  • I will not accept trades of any kind as payment for or towards any of my products unless I have stated otherwise, please do not ask 

  • I can provide payment plans on items over $100!!

  • All of my prices are in USD

  • After 30% deposit has been paid a reference sheet will be required and fabrics/ fabric colors will be decided upon and purchased, after this time any changes in design, markings, colors or fabrics may result in an additional charge

  • I will not begin work on any project until it has been fully paid for

  • If payments are being made at least one payment needs to be made a month, non-payment may lead to dropped commission and/or blacklisting, I allow a five day grace period each month for payments

  • I will use your supplies if you’d like! I do offer a 15% discount if you provide your own furs!

  • I may ask the commissioner to cover the cost of shipping on furs if I need to order them from a specific supplier ( for example ordering furs from overseas etc) 

  • There is a minimum monthly payment, I require monthly payments to be at least 15% of the commission price! (For example, if the total commission price is $220, the first payment would be $66 and the monthly payments after that would have to be at least $33!) 

  • The monthly minimum payment cap is $30 

  • I do ask if you’re have an emergency or cannot make your payments for any reason please let me know and we can work something out 

  • There will be a $10 charge for late or missed payments

  • I do send reminders before your next payment is due! (I include your last payment date and your remaining balance)


Cancellations and refunds:


  • I do not offer refunds of any kind any payments made to me are NON-REFUNDABLE 

  • If you cancel I have the right to alter the design and sell the product

  • I reserve the right to cancel any commission due to harassment, rude behavior or poor/ lack of communication, etc. 

  • If I refund due to personal reasons I will refund the full price but I will keep all work and materials

  • If I cancel due to harassment, non responsiveness, abusive behavior, nonpayment, breach of contract or you cancel for any reason no refund will be issued

  • If you do not respond to my attempts to contact you for 30 days you surrender your commission to me and no refunds will be issued

  • If you have any issues with your item please contact me within two weeks of receiving it and it can be sent back for repairs or adjustments

  • If I do not receive the item within two weeks of contact any warranty or repair offers are considered void


Quotes and Queue list:


  • I do not hold slots unless a 30% payment has been paid

  • Your spot may move up or down on the list depending on payments, communication and convenience but I do usually work in the order of first come first served 

  • The quote I give you is only valid for the current openings and is subject to change, the only way to guarantee that price is to pay for your slot

  • Quoted price may slightly differ from prices listed on my website

  • I tend to take short break around some major holidays and my birthday (the end of September) 

  • My current wait time is around 2-4 months once fully paid



  • Plushie patterns are not made by me! All pattern credit goes to Choly Knight!

  • I am new to plushie making so my plushies may have small imperfections but i try to make every plush with the highest quality possible!

  • Plushies come standard with beans to help them sit up so I wouldn't suggest them for small children as the beans are a choking hazard! 

  • You can request your plush not have beans inside

  • Complex designs may need to be slightly simplified

  • I do not have an embroidery machine so all markings or facial features will be hand sewn with the exception of larger markings that can be stitched on top via sewing machine (similar to how I add my paw pads) 


Abusive Behavior:


  • People with abusive behavior will be blacklisted and will no longer be able to commission me

  • Abusive behavior includes but is not limited to any kind of harassment, threats, intimidation, rudeness or unwelcome actions

  • Abuse can make me drop your commission

  • Other actions that can cause you to be blacklisted are, throwing tantrums, extremely poor communication, failing to keep up with payments, and not being consistent with your design choices or constantly changing things during the commission process.

  • I will not give away or sell my paw patterns, I worked very hard on making them and I just do not feel comfortable giving them away, I am very sorry

  • If I feel you have breached my terms of service I may be subject to drop your commission

  • I will not modify my patterns to make them oversized or smaller as it messes up the way the pieces come together 

  • I reserve the right to deny service to anyone before or after accepting a commission



  • I am not responsible for any injury you may incur while wearing any of my products. Stay hydrated, know your limitations, have a spotter and be careful! :)